Imposter Syndrome: Conquering Feeling Like a Fraud

Imposter syndrome, also known as imposter experience or imposter phenomenon, is not a diagnoseable mental illness but rather, a term used to describe the intense feelings of intellectual worthlessness (linking with social context and perfectionism) which is often experienced by  high achieving individuals (Vergauwe et al., 2015; Cuncic, 2023). It may present itself  as being

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Gaining Back Your Inner Power and Strength

Most of the time we walk around not realising the inner power and inner strength we carry within us. We go around looking for strength externally not realising that its hidden within us, waiting for us to discover it. In most cases, we lose our ability to recognise or identify our inner power and strength

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The Effects of Burnout on Mental Health

End-of-year burnout   We are almost approaching the end of the year and you might already feel extremely fatigued. You may have also noticed that lately you are finding it hard to concentrate, you are more irritable, the effort you normally give at work or at school has decreased, your energy level has decreased and

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Talk Therapy: Behind the Curtain

It can be difficult to understand how simply talking can help us solve our problems. As a client we often are told extensively about the product or service that we intend to purchase before we commit to the buy. So, what is the buy in for counselling? It appears that one would sit down in

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Social Networking and Online Dating

In times where networking and communication has become so easily accessible, it seems that making real connections is becoming more difficult. With many individuals turning to dating sites, expectations are high and sometimes our reality becomes distorted. Meeting a person after getting to know them virtually can sometimes fall short of the image we create in

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Kubaluleka Kwekuphumula 

Kuphumula kuchazwa ngekutsi sikatsi sekutikhulula nekungasebenti. Kuphumula kulihlelo lembilo lelifuneka kutsi wonke umuntfu alisebentise ngoba sonke sidzinga kuphumula phambi kwekutsi sidzinwe.     Ingabe uyaphumula ngalokwanele na?  Kuphumula kuvamise kubonakala kwangatsi akukabaluleki ngoba sinoku funa kuphumula uma sesisebente kakhulu kuphela.  Kusebenta kubalulekile ngoba kusisita kutsi sikhone kutsenga kudla na letenye tintfo lesitidzingako. Kusebenta kubaluleke kakhulukati kule simo

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The Importance of Rest

Rest can be defined as the ability to relax and take some time off from what keeps you occupied. Rest is very essential and helps keep a balance in one’s life. Rest looks different from person to person.   Do you rest enough?  Rest is often seen as a reward instead of essential which is

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