We believe that:

  • Post graduate students, as well as many counsellors are not adequately equipped for their role and responsibilities within the counselling field.
  • Many of the training courses available to those in the helping profession are lacking in many areas, with regards to what it actually offers it’s attendees.
  • There is a huge and ever-growing need for not only good counsellors, but also good quality training courses.
We believe that we have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to make a positive contribution to this field.
  • All of our course presenters and developers are currently practicing as either social workers in private practice, specialist wellness counsellors or registered counsellors. Therefore; students can be assured that they will receive practically applicable skills training, based on real-life counselling experiences and situations, instead of purely theoretical information.
  • Each one of our course presenters and developers has a deep and sincere passion for mental health and wellness.
  • Most of our course presenters and developers each have over 10 years’ experience in the counselling field.

Our Values

  • Respect

Our students and our fellow presenters are our clients and our colleagues. We offer a service that is kept to a high standard and we strive to conduct ourselves in a professional manner. Therefore, we treat every student, client and presenter with the utmost respect, regardless of race, religion, gender or beliefs.

  • Quality

The effort and time that goes into the development of our training courses, the content thereof as well as the effort and commitment that goes into the presentations, are what separates our courses from the rest.
Students who attend our courses know that they will be getting exceptional value, they can fully trust that they will leave empowered and better equipped as counsellors.

  • Practically applicable focus

Students walk away from our training courses with practically applicable skills and knowledge.

  • A selfless sharing of knowledge and experience

Humanitas course presenters and staff, go out of their way to share their knowledge and experience with students who attend our training courses. We journey with our clients and believe in fostering good and sustainable relationships with the individuals.

  • Gratitude, Humility and Servitude

Through our free counselling services; offered by our Humanitas students, as well as the various community projects that we and our students are involved with, we are actively serving our community.
We stay humbly aware of the fact that all we achieve is graciously given by God and that nothing would be possible without Him. For that reason we are completely dependant on Him and sincerely grateful for all His blessings.

Our Mission
Through living out our passion and our talents within HUMANITAS, we strive towards:

Empowering and enabling students to COUNSEL CONFIDENTLY!

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