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  • 3 days theory (09:00 – 13:00) & 1 day practical
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Dr. Louise Aucamp
Dr. Louise AucampOwner of FACT Network (BA) SW (MSD) Play Therapy (PhD) SW
Dr Louise Aucamp is an accredited social worker with 22+ years’ experience working with traumatized children and families. Dr Aucamp has worked in both the formal welfare sector as well as in private practice. Dr Aucamp previous academic appointments were at University of the North West, as lecturer for a Master’s degree program in Forensic Social Work. Dr Aucamp has developed and presented various training courses across South Africa for various mental health sectors

The Assessment In Play Based Intervention training course, for PBI students only.

This course offers the delegate a systematic assessment model through which the child’s functioning, in all the spheres of his life, can be evaluated. Within the assessment model the following topics are covered

  • Where the child’s primary attachment lies and whether the child projects a secure attachment or lack of secure attachment
  • The child’s emotional experience of his/her peer group and school.
  • The child’s emotional experience of his relationship with his/her parents and siblings as well as the child’s emotional experience of his/her parent’s marriage relationship.
  • Screening for possible trauma (including abuse, violence, etc.) in the child’s life.
  • Assessment of the functioning of the child’s temperament and self-esteem.
  • Assessment of relationships that cause possible discomfort for the child.

This is a child-friendly approach focussing on children between the ages of 3 -12 years,  where age-appropriate aids are used to obtain the necessary information and determine the roots of behavior and emotional problems. The holistic assessment of the child and his world serves as a starting point for all therapeutic intervention and provides the professional with information that enables them to give recommendations regarding the use of further investigations and/or the planning of relevant therapeutic processes.

Tentative dates for practicals


The dates for the theoretical component are listed under the ‘Course Schedule’ section above.

Please note that you will only have to attend one of these dates. Your practical will consist of assessing a child as well as observing a child assessment.