Rest can be defined as the ability to relax and take some time off from what keeps you occupied. Rest is very essential and helps keep a balance in one’s life. Rest looks different from person to person. 

 Do you rest enough? 

Rest is often seen as a reward instead of essential which is not a problem however it tends to be forgotten about because we weigh rest according to how deserving of it we are because of how hard we have worked.  

Working is absolutely important because it ensures that some if not most of our basic needs are met. To work, in today’s economy, is a privilege but so is rest.  

Rest helps to keep us healthy and re-energised, it helps limit and or eliminate fatigue. Resting can also promote healthier skin and body. Resting can also promote a more positive mind-set and the opportunity to attend to your thoughts and emotions. 

When we feel unhealthy, we look unhealthy and we feel overwhelmed and overburdened, it is usually because we have not rested enough. It is nearly impossible to rest enough especially if you are a busy human being however some sort of rest helps go a long way.  

 What does your definition of rest look like? 

  • I only rest when I have achieved a certain goal. 
  • I only rest once a year. 
  • I cannot afford to rest. 
  • I don’t believe in rest. 
  • I don’t know what resting looks like. 

 If you have identified with any of the statements above then you are in NEED of rest, here are some tips and tricks on how to rest: 

 Rest DO’s and DON’Ts  

 Rest DO’s: 

  1. Relax. 
  2. Get enough sleep (6-8 hours). 
  3. Drink enough water and eat enough food. 
  4. Refrain from being physically, emotionally and mentally busy. 
  5. Prioritise yourself. 
  6. Find a fun distraction that can entertain you e.g. watching a movie 
  7. Participate in your hobbies, if not find new hobbies. 
  8. Self-Care e.g. getting a haircut, or doing a manicure. 
  9. Journal and Meditate: Write down your emotions and thoughts. 
  10.  Go outside and be in nature or if you can, go on a vacation. 

 The list is endless, add your favourite things you like or would like to do when resting. 

 Rest DON’Ts: 

  1. Work while resting. 
  2. Think about work while resting. 
  3. Plan for work while resting. 
  4. Find alternative ways for working. 
  5. Prioritise others over yourself. 

This list is endless as well, add your personal things you would not like to do while resting. 

 Life does get busy so it is sometimes hard to schedule some slowing down however in everything that you do, don’t forget to REST. 

Author: Nolwazi Ngomane