Nolwazi Ngomane

Specialist Wellness Counsellor

I am a South African female who is passionate about assisting people despite their demographics. I am a firm believer of equality for all, so unfairness is one of my pet peeves. I am very sociable but it just comes with loving people. I enjoy finding and participating in activities that help stimulate my mental and physical health. I also enjoy doing any sort of work that will positively impact the community at large.

I studied at the University of Pretoria for my undergraduate qualification which is a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Criminology. I then completed my Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology at the University of South Africa. Subsequent to my qualifications I completed a Counselling Course at Humanitas Training which then assisted me to register as a Specialist Wellness Counsellor with the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners organization.

I have worked with a lot of children, some children with disabilities as well as children who are deaf, which has given me the opportunity to explore sign language and grow holistically as I worked hand in hand with occupational therapists. I have also volunteered at an out-patient organisation that provides prevention and treatment for substance use disorders. I co-facilitated an early intervention pilot program called the "I-CAN" program aimed at educating teenagers on the benefits of not abusing substances where I had the opportunity to psycho-educate the young adults about mental health and to aim for a healthier life.

As I have started practicing as a Specialist Wellness Counsellor I have aimed to promote that keeping your mind healthy can help keep your life healthy. How do I do this? By providing person-centered counselling services that aim to help elevate your health and discover a positive concept of the self (the self being you).

But the first step starts with getting to know each other. I have said a few things about myself, now it's your turn.


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