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  • 3 days (09:00-13:00)

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Dr Louise Aucamp
Dr Louise AucampSocial Worker in Private Practise

This course is aimed at all professionals working with children, to equip them with interview skills to facilitate the child’s disclosure of abuse. In socio-emotional evaluations and therapy or even other interactions with the child it may happen that the child begins to tentatively or actively disclose sexual abuse.  In order to ensure that a child’s authentic information is not contaminated and the legal process not jeopardized it is of the utmost importance that practitioners working with children know how to facilitate the child’s disclosure. This course will provide the professional with the necessary interview skills, questioning techniques and media to assist the child in disclosing abuse. The following aspects are covered by this course:

  1. Understanding the dynamics of sexual abuse;
  2. Facilitating the child’s disclosure of sexual abuse;
  3. Interviewing and questioning techniques in exploring the child’s disclosure of abuse;
  4. Media that the interviewer may use to facilitate the child’s disclosure of abuse
  5. Overview of the legal and ethical obligations in sexual abuse
  6. The way forward after disclosure.
This course is a must for anyone who works with children: Teachers, Pastors, Psychologists, Counsellors, Social Workers, youth workers and volunteers!
Dr Louise Aucamp takes you through all you need to know in order to ensure that you handle a disclosure from a child ethically and in such a way that you do not contaminate the information provided.
Please take note that this course is in no way a substitute for comprehensive training in forensic investigations. This training is aimed at professionals who in their daily interaction with children, may be faced with a disclosure of abuse.

Course Outline

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Grooming 
  • Disclosure: Event or Process
  • Legislation Pertaining to Child Sexual Abuse
  • Understanding Mandatory Reporting
  • Ethical Implications when dealing with Child Sexual Abuse
  • Addressing Ethical and Legal Issues in Private Practice
  • Understanding Normal Sexual Development vs Problematic Sexual Behaviour
  • The Social Worker or Psychologist’s Role in Facilitating the Child’s Disclosure
  • Basic Principles in Questioning Children
  • General Guidelines on the use of Media and Techniques
  • Practical on the use of Body Inventory
  • House Community Plan as a Screening Technique
  • Practical on the Use of Body Diagrams/Outline
  • Referrals and Intervention Post Disclosure
  • Understanding Forensic Investigations Guidelines in referring to the right professional