Here at HUMANITAS Counselling Services

We believe that:

We believe that mental health is a crucial component of a person’s overall well-being, and therefore we are committed to offering counselling services, of exceptional quality, for South Africans, by South African counsellors.

All counsellors on our platform have been thoroughly screened and vetted and have received our stamp of approval as Humanitas Counselling Professionals (HCP’s). In addition, HCP’s have a long list of requirements that they need to adhere to in order to maintain their status as HCP’s. This helps us to ensure that we provide our clients with counsellors that meet our professional standards. All sessions will be hosted online.

We also serve those who cannot afford paid-for-services, through making our Counselling Interns available to offer free counselling services to the general public. Each of our Counselling Interns have either a Psychology or Social work degree or honours degree, have undergone extensive training with us and they receive weekly mandatory supervision from our highly experienced supervisors.

Our values; Respect, Quality and Integrity, form the foundation for everything we do.

  • Respect

We offer a service that is kept to the highest of standards and we strive to conduct ourselves in a professional manner. Therefore, we treat every one of our counsellors, our interns, supervisors, and our clients with the utmost respect, regardless of race, religion, gender or beliefs; and we expect of our Counselling Professionals and our Interns to do the same.

  • Quality

We pride ourselves on quality.
The qualifying criteria that our HCP’s must adhere to, to maintain their HCP status, has been carefully set out to ensure that the Counsellors on our platform continuously offer an exceptional service to our clients.
Our Interns receive weekly supervision for the duration of their internship, to ensure that their service remains up to standard.

  • Integrity

We are committed to offering a service that is ethically sound. We require of all our HCP’s to keep their registration up to date with their respective governing/professional bodies and to attend regular training and supervision. This is to ensure that they are up to date with new developments in the field and held to ethical standards and requirements.

Our Interns are kept to strict standards as well. Attending regular supervision is a requirement for successful completion of their training.