Through this training course, I aim to equip you as counsellor with a few of the practically applicable tools that I have found the be beneficial when counselling couples. We will look at theory, but definitely have enough time to give you opportunity to practically enhance your skills.

The training will be hosted on Zoom. If you are interested in joining this training course, please complete the online registration form and send your proof of payment through to we receive your payment, we will confirm your registration via e-mail.


R1850 per person for both days


  • handouts and worksheets 
  • a certificate of attendance 

Basic Course Outline:

  • Does marriage, relationship or couples counselling work?
  • Needs and expectations
  • The stages of marriage
  • Healthy and effective communication
  • Principles of effective couples counselling
  • The importance of practically applicable tools


  • The bucket
  • Negative patterns of interaction
  • Couple’s dialogue
  • The four horsemen summary page, added for quick reference

“Did you know that “marriage counselling” is searched for, over 120 000 times per year in South Africa alone!? 
I have been working with couples and relationships for the last 10 years and I can guarantee you that we will see a major rise in marital- and relationship-related problems after this lock down has ended. 
If you would like to be of assistance to those couples in need of counselling, but lack the necessary skill set to do so; this course is for you.”

Anri van den Berg, Vita Nova Counselling Services


The course was an eye-opener to those who want to build and sustain healthy marriage relationships. I would definitely recommend the Couple’s Counselling course to anyone who needs to contribute towards building healthy, fruitful and lasting marriages. The course would benefit anyone who has a passion to counsel, by equipping them with skills and tools for building sound marriages. Most marriages end in divorce because of lack of knowledge about various stages they will go through.  Change in marriage is inevitable and therefore professional guidance can assist in helping a new couple to normalise their situation. A number of years in marriage does not guarantee skills to counsel couples as many people believe, but training does certainly provide skills and tools to facilitate effectively.

Margaret Ntsana

I found the 2-day training course on counselling couples to be really interesting and insightful. For somebody who has not yet worked with couples, I found it to be a great introduction to the ways in which a counsellor should go about their work in order to get results with their clients. I really enjoyed the section on practically applicable tools which can be used during the counselling session, because these not only help to structure the session but also allow the couple to practically use this tool in their day to day lives. I learnt so much during these 2 days and I know the information will be highly valuable if I begin to work with couples. Anri planned and organised the course so well and made it thought-provoking and interactive via Zoom. She provided us with the opportunity to learn all about her “do’s and don’ts” that she has come to know over the years when working with couples. I would recommend the course to all individuals who are interested in learning more about counselling couples. 

Alexandra Mapstone

Just want to say thank you for the coupled/relationship counselling course was so interesting and informative, I really enjoyed it and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, there’s definitely a few practical tools that I will use one day in my counselling sessions. The practical explanations really helped to understand theory.

Kayla Boshoff

The couples counselling course is amazing! Anri so generously provided a wealth of information for us to take into our sessions. This includes some theory and very practically applicable tools. I thoroughly enjoyed this course! It also makes you think about your own relationships – the problems and also the solutions. Would actually like to do it again!

Paige Stroucken

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