Working with an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse can be daunting.  Sexual abuse can affect every aspect of the adult’s life; self-esteem, relationships, parenting, sexuality and the relationship with Self.  Survivors find themselves behaving in ways that they don’t understand.  Irrational thinking, cognitive distortions and symptoms of complex trauma are all too common.

The aim of the workshop is to help the therapist (and client) understand what the survivor is experiencing, why they behave the way they do and how to integrate the experience by walking a journey of healing.

In this workshop we will deal with:

  • Traumatic sexualisation
  • Stigmatisation
  • Trauma bonding
  • Reasons for disclosure
  • Case studies
  • Model for Healing
  • And much more

This workshop is for anyone who want to be better equipped to work with and understand the Adult survivor.  Counsellors, therapists, pastoral workers, social workers, psychology and social work students will benefit hugely.