Tshifhiwa Mphaphuli

Humanitas Graduate


  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 100 hours

    November 2023

  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 220 Hours

    December 2023

Contact me

  • not supplied
  • 0799621486
  • chichimphaphuli@icloud.com

my name is Tshifhiwa Mphaphuli and i am a dedicated and  compassionate counselling Graduate, who is open to assisting were i can.My approach is caring and warm, while remaining professional and ethical. I am respectful, grounded and realistic in how I work. I think it's important to develop genuine connections with each individual who seeks for my support.  This is crucial to your journey with me because it gives you a place where you can be yourself in a safe, trustworthy, and judgment-free environment. I want to provide you the knowledge and skills you need to feel empowered and get through difficult circumstances and obstacles. I take a holistic approach that is based on the idea that people come first since we are not isolated events but rather the result of everything going on all around us.


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