Tia Naidoo

Humanitas Graduate


  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 220 Hours

    August 2023

  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 220 Hours

    September 2023

Contact me

  • https://www.fscounselling.co.za/
  • 0620712556
  • enquiries@fscounsellingco.za

Hello, thank you for taking the time to view my profile. My name is Tia. I am the founder of Future Self Counselling which was established in 2024 with a commitment to assisting others on their wellness journeys through simple yet effective counselling techniques. I earned a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree, majoring in Psychology and English Literary Studies from the University of Cape Town in 2022 and completed the Humanitas Counselling course in 2023. Additionally, I am a qualified Wellness Counsellor registered with the ASCHP (Registration No. WC23/3056). 

My counselling philosophy embraces a person-centred approach, meaning that the client's perspectives, emotions, and experiences come first in each session. This allows for a secure and non-judgmental space for clients to freely explore and express themselves. This approach also allows for a collaborative journey between the client and counsellor, with the client in the driver's seat throughout the process. 

Beyond this person-centred focus, I value and enjoy working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. My experience spans across various cultures and life experiences, which allows me to understand and respect each client's unique perspectives and needs. 


Feel free to get in touch through email or whatsapp, or visit my website for more information. 

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