Riashini Naidoo

Specialist Wellness Counsellor

Ria Naidoo is a psychology honours graduate, as well as a qualified foundation phase teacher who has spent time working in both fields. In addition to her academic career within the fields of teaching and psychology, she has also worked in the fields of traditional media and social media, focusing on writing for well-recognized national magazine titles. Ria loves the art of makeup and the gift of family and friends. She adores animals and lives with her partner and two exceptionally adorable Yorkshire Terriers, whose sizes might indicate they are in fact quite a mix themselves. After having been on her own healing journey for quite a number of years, and armed with a varied interest in the science and healing potential of counselling as a whole, Ria is keen to engage with individuals searching to make sense of themselves in the context of a complex world. Understanding healing through a multifaceted lens allows Ria to hold the sacred safe space that elicits the sharing of stories in a receiving environment. With a special interest in the conscious re-education of societal systems, Ria hopes to plant seeds of self-acceptance and empowerment to everyone who may seek it. Ria believes deeply in LQBQT+ rights, children’s voices, feminism, being a voice for the voiceless and over all inclusivity. “To live authentically is to be both destroyer and creator”.

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