Reace Cloete

Specialist Wellness Counsellor

My name is Reace Cloete. I am a 24-year-old male that has a passion for psychology and counselling. I have a background and experience within the realm of psychology, successfully completing my undergraduate and honours, fully accredited sport psychology diploma, advanced trauma counselling course, attachment-based practice with children, adults, and families course, grief and bereavement counselling - accredited certificate, and professional accredited forensic psychology diploma course. I have a passion for helping individuals with trauma, crises, understanding and dealing with addiction, abnormal behaviour, loss and grief, sport psychology, couples and individual counselling, and self-care. 


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It’s Okay to Seek Help: Embracing Mental Health Support

Today, I want to talk about something incredibly important: seeking help for your mental health. In a world that often puts emphasis on physical well-being, we sometimes forget to pay enough attention to our mental and emotional well-being. But guess what? It's okay to seek

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