Megan Hill

Humanitas Graduate


  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 220 Hours

    December 2023

  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 100 Hours

    November 2023

Contact me

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  • 0610747330

I'm Megan Hill 🌻, I am passionate about understanding and nurturing young minds, I am an aspiring child psychologist with a strong academic background in Psychology, Physiology, and Genetics. Currently pursuing an Honours degree in Psychology, my goal is to specialize in child psychology to positively impact the lives of children and families. With experience as a counsellor and a love for working with children and teens, I am dedicated to fostering their emotional well-being and academic growth. I bring a blend of academic excellence, compassionate counselling, and a commitment to lifelong learning to my work. Excited to embark on this journey of making a difference in the lives of children, families and the community as a whole. 

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