Ingrid Scheepers

Humanitas Graduate


  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 220 Hours

    November 2022

  • Counselling in the time of HIV & AIDS

    Certificate received for Completion

    November 2022

  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 100 Hours

    September 2022

Contact me

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  • 0614049120

As a student Specialist Wellness Counselor pending registration with the ASCHP. I endeavour to offer my clients a collaborative, person centered and holistic counseling experience. I have a well-rounded educational background which includes a BA Political Science degree as well as an honours degree in psychology. I have served as a volunteer peer counselor, providing support and encouragement for employees facing challenges. I like to keep up to date with current psychological research findings and I have developed a special interest in how healthy lifestyle changes and good habits can have a positive impact and lead to improved mental well-being across one's lifespan. I believe in a positive attitude (positive psychology), and that it is often possible to turn a negative into a positive by looking at a situation through a different lens. Concepts like resilience and adaptability resonate with me, as research has shown that people who experience post-traumatic growth emerge changed on the other side of their struggle. About this phenomenon, Victor Frankl asserts that "Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.

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