Elmarie Spingies

Humanitas Graduate


  • How To Start And Run Your Own Counselling Practice

    Certificate received for Completion

    February 2023

  • Working with Addiction

    Certificate received for Completion

    March 2023

  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 220 Hours

    October 2023

  • HUMANITAS Counselling Course

    Certificate received for 100 Hours

    September 2023

Contact me

  • https://paserocounselling.co.za
  • 0678879892
  • elmarie@paserocounselling.co.za

My name is Elmarie.

I provide a safe and non-judgemental space where your life is approached with compassion, understanding, empathy and  a dedicated commitment towards positive change.  Wellness healthcare differs from the biomedical method where you a treated as a patient.

Counselling sessions involve guidance to clients, and enabling them to apply life skills to exist more successfully and with greater fulfilment.  I facilitate this process - and you, the client take an active, participating role. A treatment plan is specifically developed around your unique circumstances and needs.  

I firmly believe that every person can discover new ways of dealing with life's challenges, and doesn't have to navigate it in isolation. You are not alone, together we can journey towards wellness.


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